My personal profile


Name                           : Mohit Kumar Jain. P

Father name                 : Pradeep Kumar Jain. M

Mother name               : Jyoti Jain

Brother name               : Mayur Kumar Jain

Date of birth/place       : 5TH Jan 1996/Pondicherry

E-mail ID                     :

My website                  :

                  Contact number           : 7667097350

Aim                              : Social worker, Dancer.




My creativity



v  Pondy times published my 1ST article about DEVELOPING RAINBOW NAGAR on Jan 29 - Feb 4 2011.

v  I have also created my tool bar against corruption on 29 Oct 201.

v I also have my apps on 29 Oct 2011 & lots more.





To fight against corruption I have created website named . There are more than 1500 people so far visited the site .The website created and published on 8 June 2011. In that site there is live news, blog, photo, download, chat pages etc.





Ø TIMES OF INDIA news paper published a news on 17 June 2011 in page no: 2  as heading 15-Yr-OLD DESIGNS WEBSITE AGAINST CORRUPATION for my activity.

Ø INDIANCOLLEGES.COM a site for youngster has also wrote an article headline as TEENAGE CREATES A SITE SUPPORTING ANNA HAZARE on 22 August 2011.

Ø DEECAN CHRONICLE news paper has also published a news on 18 Oct 2011 in spotlight page as headline MASTER OF NOBLE MISSION.



About the site


Ø In my site you can find live news from Times Of India & Zee news.

Ø In my site you can find chat room

Ø Even I have created toolbar of my site and Lots more.



Thanking you,


DATE   : 21/Jan/2012                                            You’re faithfully,

PLACE : Puducherry                                               P. MOHIT JAIN







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