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        This page is created by  Mohit  Jain 16 Years old boy from Puducherry. I have not learned any web design course  this is my talent or god gift. "I have created this site to created awareness amoung people about Corruption at one platform "says Mohit. 

Mission of this page:

  *supporting anna
  *connect all peopls who support anna at one place.

My photos

Mohit Jain's The Best Slideshow: Mohit’s trip from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India to 5 cities United States, , , Uttar Pradesh and Pondicherry was created by TripAdvisor. See another United States slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.


I do not own any of the content and pictures that I post, unless otherwise stated. They are simply a divine collection of beautiful images and useful information. If anything on this site has been copyrighted by you, please contact us at jmohit43@gmail.com or iamagainstcorrupation@gmail.com  to remove or give you credit!


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