Teenager creates a site supporting Anna Hazare

Mohit Jain is a 16-year-old supporter of Anna Hazare who created a website on anti-corruption in 24 hours.

“No one taught me how to create a website. I did not go to any classes. I put it up in a day and keep updating it,” says the teenager from Puducherry.

It was Baba Ramdev’s stance against corruption that initially inspired Mohit to create the website. “I couldn’t go to Delhi and decided to do something about it,” he explains.

Later, the focus changed to Hazare’s fight against corruption. “Anna Hazare is fighting for our country and our future. I got interested,” says Mohit.

Is there an inspiration or role model that he has? “No one inspired me to fight against corruption. My family and friends appreciate the work I am doing. My parents tell me to concentrate on studies,” he says.

Unlike many students his age who would prefer to go into engineering or more lucrative fields, Mohit wants to do something for the good of his country.

His parting words to students his age is to support Hazare and to wipe out corruption in India.

Read Mohit's website HERE

this is the site