New Delhi, Aug 28 : Just wearing Gandhi caps with ‘Mein Bhi Anna (I am Anna)’ will not make you Anna Hazare. This was the message by the Gandhian to his thousands of supporters at Ramlila Maidan as he prescribed a five-point agenda for them to emulate.

“I am seeing people wearing Gandhi caps with ‘Mein bhi Anna’. Just wearing those caps will not make you Anna. If you want to become Anna, you have to keep certain things in mind,” he said.

The 74-year-old activist said while he was happy to see them wearing the white Gandhi caps, there are some essential requisites for being and becoming an ‘Anna’ like him. “There should be no difference in what you say and what you do, you should possess clean and honest thoughts, have a clean conduct, clean character, have a feeling for sacrifice and should have the strength to take humiliation,” Hazare told his supporters here.

The people took off their caps and waved them in air in response to Hazare’s instructions as he spelt out the cardinal rules.Hazare also said that one should pledge not to give or take bribes henceforth.

The white ‘Mai bhee Anna’ Gandhi caps have become a craze during the last 13-days when Hazare was on a fast for bringing in a strong Lokpal Bill.Vendors sold these caps for a price ranging from Rs 3 to Rs 10. PTI