e demand that a strong and honest Lokayukta be appointed to honour the aspirations of people, to continually deliver justice and to protect the integrity of freedom!

Anna Hazareji, Arvind Kejriwalji, Kiran Bediji, Santosh Hedgeji and team will lead the IAC Karnataka campaign "Save Lokayukta, Empower People", on 17th Dec, 2011. As a part of the campaign for a strong JanLokPal, IAC Karnataka will also initiate a demand for a strong and independant Lokayukta for the state. The hope of justice amongst the people of Karnataka lies in the fact that the Karnataka Lokayukta has been a very effective tool against corruption.

The failure of the state to appoint a 'Lokayukta' is seen by the denizens of Karnataka, as a threat to justice and freedom.

Come join Annaji, let's demand a strong JanLokPal and a strong Lokayukta for Karnataka.

source: http://iackar.net